Friday, February 19, 2016


After six days in the hospital I got to go home. I was on Percocet (Oxycontin) for the next two weeks. While I took this medicine I don't remember anything, so I can not tell you about my first weeks home. The only thing I remember was telling myself that i was capable of walking. I did not walk as much after my surgery and I did not heal as fast as I could of. This really put affected my recovery because it took me longer to go back to my normal routine
Post Op Princess. 

I had lots of visitors come when I got home. My friends, family, and puppy were a huge part of my recovery. People came over and brought me food and tons of flowers. The coolest thing someone brought me was my grandma Glenda's Miss America Crown.

I am very thankful for the amazing support I had during my recovery.

After three days of being home it was finally time to remove my bandage to reveal my scar. My scar is at least 12 inches long and they closed the incision with glue that seemed to take forever to come off.
The day my bandage came off.
The next month my life consisted of walking around and just chilling in my big recliner. Going places was really hard for me because it hurt and I was uncomfortable when I would move. I mostly stayed at home for the rest of my summer. I wish I remembered more of this time, but I do not because I was on so much medication.

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