Monday, February 22, 2016

Growing up

When I went through my growth spurt it all happened very fast. My length rocketed at a young age, so I was very tall. My doctors think that is what contributed to me developing kyphosis.
This is what kyphosis looks like.

Kyphosis is not a well known term, and it can often be mistaken for scoliosis. Kyphosis is the forward curvature of the back or more recognized as a hunchback. Back in middle and high school I was known as the "Hunchback of Duluth". Pretty harsh for something I didn't know was fixable. I was not only insecure about my back, I was also in a lot of pain.
My curvature.

I went to numerous doctors to try to fix my back and they told me as because I was so young, a brace is the only way I could be able to stand up straight. I absolutely refused to wear a brace so I just dealt with the tremendous pain and awful posture for years. As my curvature progressed, the more pain I was in.

Finally my parents and I had enough of this pain so we all did research on ways to treat my condition and we finally found an answer. We brought what we found to my doctor and he suggested that I get a spinal fusion. My parents were horrified by the news, while I was ecstatic for it. I would have a chance to have a straight spine.
Where my fusion will be.

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